**Registrations have closed as of 02/11/2017 please contact blacktie@nyct.org.nz for more information**

Naenae Youth Charitable Trust - Black Tie Fundraising Dinner
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Cost is $160 ex GST per seat or $1600 ex GST per table.
There are 10 seats per table.

*The cost of the tickets is the same as our 2015 Black Tie Dinner*

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Naenae Youth Charitable Trust

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Please make cheques payable to Naenae Youth Charitable Trust and email blacktie@nyct.org.nz to advise when the cheque has been sent.

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We look forward to seeing you on the night!

If you have any comments to add to your registration, please enter them here otherwise, if you need any other details feel free to contact us at blacktie@nyct.org.nz

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